About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Cora, a 24 year old who comes from Melbourne, Australia. My family originally comes from South America so I've always lived between cultures; half-Australian, half-South American which I believe has been an amazing gift.

I feel like I've had the travel bug my whole life. It started as a kid when I learnt the world's capital cities for fun, then as I got older, dreaming about all the places I would love to see one day. I dreamt of having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, singing songs from the Sound of Music in Salzburg, eating pizza in Italy....then, it extended into learning French through high school, and some Spanish at university.

Finally in 2010, at 20 years old, I saved up enough from my part-time job to travel alone in Europe for two months. So, I took uni off for a semester and packed my things and embarked on the best thing I had ever done! I saw the amazing beauty of the Swiss Alps, the clown-like costumes of the guards in Vatican City and the multi-level nightclubs in Berlin.

When I got back, I finished my Bachelor's degree in English and History and after graduating in 2012 spent the next 8 months living and working in northern France as an English teaching assistant. After I said my goodbyes, I travelled for a couple more months in the UK, Ireland and Russia, before coming back home to Australia in June 2013.

Right now, I'm completing my Master of Teaching (Secondary education) but hope to head overseas  and teach again as soon as possible... maybe in Spain next time!




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